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  • Easton

    What Easton lacks in size (only 31.2 sq. miles), it more than makes up for in...

  • Dalton

    My first stop in Dalton was accidental. I was actually touring Whitefield when...

  • Benton

    I could tell when I looked at the map, Benton was going to be a very laid back...

  • Bath

    If there is one thing Bath has plenty of, it is history! The Brick Store is...

  • Lyman

    I wasn’t quite sure what to expect as I drove into Lyman. A glance at the...

  • Landaff

    Landaff has quite a history, twice its citizens voted to become part of...

  • Randolph

    What to do in Randolph? Outdoor activities abound!! Randolph is about 30,170...

  • Monroe

    The beautiful town of Monroe is situated along the eastern shore of the...

  • Hart’s Location

    Hart’s Location is one of New Hampshire’s 25 unincorporated places....

  • Sugar Hill

    Sugar Hill has so much to brag about, I don’t even know where to begin!...

Touring NH


I love “Welcome” signs. Some towns use their welcome sign to promote certain highlights in the town while others simply announce you have arrived. I doubt they could make a sign large enough to highlight all Sandwich has to offer! It has been nearly seven weeks since I was there, but Sandwich definitely made an […]

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The town of Orange covers roughly 14,848 acres, over a 1/3 of which make up a good part of Cardigan Mountain State Park and Cardigan Mountain State Forest. It is a beautiful drive up Cardigan Mountain Rd to the trail head, parking and picnic area. Here is a link to the trail map. . . […]

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The parking area at the Hill Village Store is quite large, which is probably a good thing. From there, you can go into the post office or the store and you can read the historical marker, all without having to move your vehicle… My first thoughts after reading the marker was “Really!?!? They picked a […]

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Freedom seemed an obvious choice of town to visit on the Fourth of July. After all, I did go to Hell Hollow for Halloween. The perimeter of Freedom includes more than 10 miles of water frontage, making it a perfect place for a summer retreat. Some people personalize their lake front homes with signs, other […]

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I was driving along a dirt road, coming from Groton, unsure if I would know when I crossed the town line, when I found this lovely welcoming sign… Most of the time, when I am on back roads, all I see is the marker placed by the state. A vertical sign, green with white lettering […]

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The next Lakes Region town to take my breath away was Grafton. It’s full of fun roads to drive, with names like Riddle Hill, Height of the Land, Razorhill and Tunnel Road. Roads that beckon you to take in all they have to offer… Grafton isn’t home to any of the larger area lakes, but […]

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Fall isn’t the only time you will find vibrant, beautiful colors on a drive through Alexandria. As Mother Nature releases us from the grasp of Old Man Winter, newly emerging leaves begin life in many of the shades of fall. Reds, yellows and oranges fill the trees until their leaves garner enough sunshine to put […]

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When I got back to Waldo after touring Danbury, I set about my usual routine. I began downloading all of the images I had captured, did a quick scan of them and deleted anything I knew at a glance didn’t portray what I intended. Some of them just didn’t come across equal to what I […]

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After last week’s tour of Holderness, I didn’t think the Lakes region held any more surprises for me. I couldn’t have been more wrong! Next on my list of places to visit was Groton. The combination of history and natural beauty left me in awe. Just for the “Wow factor”, I’m going to start at […]

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Every year on Memorial Day weekend, Steve and I pack up Waldo and head to a part of NH I haven’t explored yet. I pick a basecamp and spend the next 2 weeks exploring the surrounding towns. This year, we chose the Lakes Region. Although I have already toured Bridgewater, we chose the Newfound RV […]

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