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When I got back to Waldo after touring Danbury, I set about my usual routine. I began downloading all of the images I had captured, did a quick scan of them and deleted anything I knew at a glance didn’t portray what I intended. Some of them just didn’t come across equal to what I […]

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After last week’s tour of Holderness, I didn’t think the Lakes region held any more surprises for me. I couldn’t have been more wrong! Next on my list of places to visit was Groton. The combination of history and natural beauty left me in awe. Just for the “Wow factor”, I’m going to start at […]

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My search for fall colors took me to Bristol this week. It isn’t peak yet but it was pretty anyhow. The combination of the mountains and Newfound Lake make for some lovely landscapes…     Before the kayakers took to the water, they left their kayaks on the beach while they unloaded the rest of […]

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My trip to Goshen was a few weeks ago. By now, the lilac bushes and crab apple blossoms are just a memory, but I was able to capture some images, too bad I couldn’t catch the wonderful smell as well…         One of the highlights in Goshen is Gunnison Lake. The day […]

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I’ve finally recovered from surgery enough to get out and about again. I still have some restrictions, but it sure felt good to be out. Luckily the weather the last few weeks had been pretty rainy and cold, so I didn’t really miss going out. This week, I visited the town of Westmoreland and found […]

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Milford, the granite town… I spent several years living in Milford back in the early 1970’s. All I can say is that almost everything changes. The convenience store that our apartment was attached to is now a pet salon and the house that once was home to my best friend is now an insurance agency, […]

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Thanksgiving Outside New Hampshire

I know the title of this blog is TouringNH, but I have decided that every once in a while it is ok to share some of the beauty that surrounds New Hampshire as well. This Thanksgiving, Steve and I decided to get away. We drove about 2 1/2 hours to Stowe, VT where I had […]

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I have been to Cornish many times over the years and I always find something new to photograph. Cornish will be turning 250 years old this year. The first time I went to Cornish was when I was photographing the covered bridges of Sullivan County. There are 3 covered bridges in Cornish, including one of […]

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Clarksville is the second most northern town in New Hampshire. The north side of Clarksville is bordered by Lake Francis… Once I got off the main road, I was treated to such peaceful surroundings. There are miles and miles of trails crisscrossing the western side of Clarksville. Most of these roads are part of the […]

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Pittsburg is not only the largest town in NH, it is also the largest township in the lower 48.  I don’t usually get into much history about the places I visit, but I found Pittsburg to be quite unique. Instead of being granted by the King, it was purchased from an Abenaki chief. Both the […]

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