The winter skies of March are starting to bring me down. Both times this week when I traveled to the rural town of Marlborough, it was spitting snow. While snow-covered trees and roads can make for some peaceful feeling photos, the grey skies leave me longing for spring. But…March does herald the beginning of maple syrup season in NH and I found plenty of evidence as I traveled through Marlborough…

Mar 3 Marlborough-3892

Mar 3 Marlborough-3914

Mar 3 Marlborough-4035

Mar 3 Marlborough-4042

Mar 3 Marlborough-4131-Edit

Mar 3 Marlborough-4127

Mar 3 Marlborough-3936

I discovered there are quite a few methods of sap collecting. What always comes to my mind first are the galvanized pails hanging from the trunks of all the sugar maples. That is probably fine for a small operation, but with the demand for quality syrup on the rise, more often than not, sap lines (plastic tubing) are strung from tree to tree and the sap is collected in a central container. I spent some time with George Iselin at Earth Haven Farm, he uses a fine pair of horses to get from one central container to the next. He was kind enough to let me tag along…

Mar7 Earth Haven Farm-4825

Mar7 Earth Haven Farm-4904

Mar7 Earth Haven Farm-4881

My view riding on the back of the collection sleigh

My view riding on the back of the collection sleigh

Mar7 Earth Haven Farm-4863

Mar7 Earth Haven Farm-4896

Earth Haven Farm is also home to Mary Iselin, a fine arts painter. She showed me around her studio and also introduced me to some of her models. Her paintings are gorgeous and her models are four-legged and darn cute…

Mar7 Earth Haven Farm-4769

From Mary's fantasy collection

From Mary’s fantasy collection

Mar7 Earth Haven Farm-4778

Mary with one of this years lambs

Mary with one of this years lambs

Mar7 Earth Haven Farm-4782

Mar7 Earth Haven Farm-4796-Edit

Mar7 Earth Haven Farm-4802

Mar7 Earth Haven Farm-4790

Mar7 Earth Haven Farm-4800

Mar7 Earth Haven Farm-4830

Mar7 Earth Haven Farm-4820-Edit

Mar7 Earth Haven Farm-4922

I’d like to thank George and Mary for giving me the opportunity to photograph at their farm and for the warm welcome I received. They also invited me back anytime I was in the area. On the homepage of, you will find a link titled, Revisited. When I return to an area that I have already toured, I will post a link on the revisited page. There are other artists in Marlborough as well…

Mar 3 Marlborough-3989

Mar 3 Marlborough-3993

Mar 3 Marlborough-3994Mar 3 Marlborough-3997

Mar 3 Marlborough-3998

Mar 3 Marlborough-4000

Mar 3 Marlborough-4001

Mar 3 Marlborough-4010

I didn’t get a chance to meet this talented carver, but I did enjoy his road front works! Artistry comes in many forms and one of my favorite varieties is chocolate…

Mar 3 Marlborough-4028

Mar 3 Marlborough-4025

Mar 3 Marlborough-4022

On the weekends, you can stop and have brunch at Unbridled Chocolates. I had a great chat with owner, Alan Crofut, and the blintze that he made for my breakfast (cheese, strawberry and chocolate) was to die for! My husband had eggs, homefries and beef sausage, judging by how clean the plate was when he was done, it must have been pretty darn good too!  After satisfying our hunger, We continued on our way, going down some of the less traveled roads…

Mar 3 Marlborough-3942

I love how the snow made "lines" on the trees

I love how the snow made “lines” on the trees

There are so many cool barns in Marlborough…

Mar7 Earth Haven Farm-4817

Mar 3 Marlborough-4139-Edit

Mar 3 Marlborough-4124-Edit

Mar 3 Marlborough-3952

Mar 3 Marlborough-3959

Mar 3 Marlborough-3935

Sculpture I found in front of one barn

Sculpture I found in front of one barn

Mar 3 Marlborough-3903

Mar 3 Marlborough-3905

This guy came out to see why I had stopped in the middle of the road

Mar 3 Marlborough-3911

And this guy wasn’t satisfied to stand at the end of the driveway, he bounded to where I was to greet me personally

The snowy, cloudy skies didn’t stop me from finding some great views…

Mar 3 Marlborough-3912

Mar 3 Marlborough-4046

Mar 3 Marlborough-4013

Mar 3 Marlborough-3984

Mar 3 Marlborough-3973

Mar 3 Marlborough-3967

Mar 3 Marlborough-4050

Mar 3 Marlborough-4065

Not all of the animals I saw in Marlborough were domesticated…

Mar 3 Marlborough-4115

These turkeys had quite the system. The one in the bush was knocking the berries off and the ones on the ground were having a feast.

I had to go back to Marlborough one more time for this post. It was the first sunny day we’ve had in quite a while, so I took advantage of that and went to Minnewawa Brook to see the falls…


If rural beauty inspires you, head to Marlborough for the day!

To learn more about Marlborough visit the town’s website or the state’s website

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Click any pin on the map to see what I found there…

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7 Comments on “Marlborough”

  1. Martha Schaefer March 11, 2013 at 5:32 pm #

    Laura, best post yet! Your photography and story are wonderful!

    • Touring NH March 11, 2013 at 6:10 pm #

      Thank you Martha. Marlborough is full of great places and people!

  2. Jean p. Curran March 13, 2013 at 12:07 pm #

    I love this, I am originally from Wilton, and would Love to see them again. would it be possible to get them again? You do such a wonderful job and what you say about the pictures fit them to a T.

    • Touring NH March 13, 2013 at 5:07 pm #

      Hi Jean,
      Thank you for the compliment. What would you like to see again? Maybe I can repost it on the Revisited page.

  3. seekraz March 20, 2013 at 3:29 am #

    I’ve been following Allen at New Hampshire Garden Solutions for quite a while…stumbled across your blog when visiting him today…you share a beautiful state…I do love those snow-covered lanes going off into the woods like that…. Wonderful pictures.

    • Touring NH March 20, 2013 at 8:37 am #

      Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it. I love Allen’s blog too NH NH Garden Solutions ~Laura

      • seekraz March 23, 2013 at 1:02 pm #

        Most welcome. 🙂

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